Turbo Hopper Remote Control Cars

Wow! Remote Control cars! And Turbo ones too!

There was just something so nippy and fast about the Turbo Hopper Remote control Cars. Maybe it was because their tyres were highly inflated and they would bounce around, maybe it’s because they were just so durable and you could crash them into anything at any speed and they would survive!

Outside Japan, Turbo Hoppers were released in 1986/1987. And they were (Obviously) an instant sensation! Perhaps it was also because the adverts for them made them look 1000% awesome!

I wanted one SOOOO much! We had a BMX track, which doubled up as a radio controlled car track. And all I had, at one stage, was a car that was controlled on a wire! A Wire! I had to walk along beside it while it trundled along pretty much at tortoise speed. It was so humiliating. I mean if I had a remote control tortoise even that would have been better.

But then I got one – a real life Turbo Hopper Remote Control Car - for a birthday I do believe, and all was well in the world!

The car didn’t have a great range, I still had to be pretty close by. But it was great fun to drive around the house, or drive it into other rooms and annoy my Dad!

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Do You Remember Turbo Hopper Remote Control Cars?

Do You Remember Turbo Hopper Remote Control Cars?