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TUGS was a British children's television programme about anthropomorphised tugboats, hence the name.

There were two allegiances - the Star Tugs (or 'Star Fleet') - The show's protagonists and the Z Stacks - the show's antagonists who, unlike the Star Tugs, had a leader (of course the Star Tugs was just made up of *members*). Both sets of tug boats compete against each other in the fictional Bigg City Port.

The series is set in the 1920s, during the culture and music of the time. Indeed, the music was composed by Junior Campbell and Mike O'Donnell, who also wrote the music for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends!

Interestingly (for fans of Thomas the Tank Engine) After the series aired in 1988, the television rights were sold to an unknown party (mysterious....), with all models and sets from the series eventually being used in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series. Then all the footage from the original series was used in American children's series Salty's Lighthouse.

It is almost like the series was taken over and disbanded Gordon Gekko / wall street style.

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Do You Remember TUGS?