Triumph GT6 Mk3

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This was a very underrated car.

It was well built and solid and very easy to work on with it's forward lifting bonnet.

It's cost new on the road in 1972 was £830.

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Do You Remember Triumph GT6 Mk3?

Do You Remember Triumph GT6 Mk3?

  • Boghound
    Err....Wrong. It had a 1998cc engine with no handling problems at all The V8 version, chiefly made for the US market, was a pig to get round bends in the wet but no different to a 80's 911 turbo both of which I had the pleasure to own from new.
  • Anonymous user
    A very stylish piece of motoring history - the poor man's E-type! Mating a Triumph 2.5 litre straight 6 to a Spitfire chassis and adding a Harrington styled fastback was sheer inspiration. Unfortunately, it suffered the same handling problems as the Spitfire with the transverse leaf spring at the back, only more so. Give it some welly in a corner, and the rear wheels tucked themselves into the wheel arches and, hey presto, you were facing the way you'd just come from! Nice looker, though.