Tri-ac spot treatment

Zit treatment was big buisness in the 1980s, with several creams and lotions being highly advertised on TV.

'Tri-ac' was a first in that it was a LIQUID treatment rather than a cream, and so named because it worked by triple action - removing the offending facial fauna, creating a healing scab over the affected area, and then preventing any further infection in that place. It was also supposed to work it's wonders within only three days.

The advert was a memorable piece of '50s nostalgia- animated in stylish 'Roy of the Rovers'-style drawing, it showed a Fonz-type cool dude drawing up outside a dance hall in his hot rod- "it's the big dance at the weekend and I've got everything! The tickets- the wheels- the jacket- (groan)- the face full of spots...." Cue for two ponytailed beauties to stroll on by ignoring him and laughing amongst themselves.

But at the end of the ad, all is cured - our hero is on the dance floor with a beautifully clean fizzog and a girl on each arm as the beat group strikes up. "Wahey! Thanks, Tri-ac!" he beams. And who remembers the Buddy Holly lookalike doing the 'Monkey' on the left of the scene?!

Tri-ac was pretty good as spot cures go, and very easy to apply, although myself I preferred Topex cream.

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Do You Remember Tri-ac spot treatment?

Do You Remember Tri-ac spot treatment?