Tressy dolls

I had one of these - and I wished I'd kept her! Her distinguishing feature was that her hair could grow. All you had to do in order to elongate her lovely locks was push a button on her tummy. Simple.

Tressy dolls first appeared in the 60s, manufactured by American Character Doll Company, but gained more popularity in the 70s under the watchful eyes of The Ideal Toy Company. Ideal Toy's Tressy doll measured 18 inches high and was very similar looking to Barbie. The Gorgeous Tressy doll rocked a cute outfit of a white and yellow geometric print dress (well, it was the 70s after all), along with black bow-tie shoes. You could also buy her in a black version and a white version - the latter of which came with black hair.

In 1971, Ideal released a Posin' Tressy, which as you may have guessed was poseable. Her waist could swivel on demand and she came in a hip satin mini-dress.

Tressy was lucky enough to inherit a younger sister, named Cricket. She too was sold in a Posin' Cricket form. The two sisters really came together in 1972, when ideal released a special-editiion set - Tressy in a gorgeous wedding dress and Cricket in a bridesmaid dress. Tressy, is there something you want to tell us?

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Do You Remember Tressy dolls?

Do You Remember Tressy dolls?

  • Anonymous user
    I wanted a Tressy doll so bad when I was young maybe10 or 12yrs ol I remember having to save labels from some household items from cleaning Items or something don't reealy remember what they were but I saved enough and got my doll in the mail I was so excited I couldn't wait to get it u could make her hair grow or shorten it. I don't no why they stopped making them they were just like the barbie doll but u could do her hair
  • Anonymous user
    A doll with a hole in her head and a key in her back! If you wound her key, her hair would get longer or shorter. Mine broke the first day I got it, so it always had long hair. Story of my life, really.