Super Robot! With detachable jet powered arms that he could launch at enemies! Ker-pow!

I vividly remember watching an advert for Tranzor Z the toy when I was a kid. I was probably about 4-5 years old when I watched it. There was also a cartoon I remember that was similar, or had similar robots.

These toys were actually inspired by early Japanese anime and the robot was created by Manga and Anime Legend Go Nagai.

It was basically a giant robot or mecha, with an arsenal of fantastic super-powered weapons (well, jet powered arms!).

Tranzor-z was an American translation of the Japanese robot “Mazinger Z”, The figure was about 4 inches tall, it launched spring-loaded fists like the robot "Rocket Punch" on the series and was quite heavy, being made of metal.

Not surprisingly, this toy revolutionized the Japanese toy industry, in fact for a while it was the case that you couldn’t move for super robot toys!

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Do You Remember Tranzor-z?

Do You Remember Tranzor-z?