Total Recall (1990)

1990 futuristic action film staring Arnold Swarzenegger and Sharon Stone.

This film is about a man who has a recurring dream about a journey to Mars so he buys a memory implant and takes a vacation to Mars. It all goes horribly wrong with the implant and he becomes a secret agent battling against the evil Mars Dictator. His beautiful wife (Sharon Stone) also turns out to be an agent on Mars.

Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold Swarzenegger) is trying to work out what is real and what is false in his life.

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Do You Remember Total Recall?

Do You Remember Total Recall?

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    I remember that the Radio 1 DJ Steve Wright used to run a series of spoof trailers to the film, featuring a Schwarznegger voicealike in a number of unlikely situations. My favourite was when he visited his local bookshop- "Have you got a copy of Fly Fishing by J.R.Hartley?" "Unfortunately sir, we recommend that you try Yellow Pages for that". "THAT WON'T TEACH ME ABOUT FLY FISHING!" (furious burst of gunfire). Don't be like Schwarznegger- insist on TOTAL REPRINT!