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Torpedo Run

Torpedo Run was probably the game that required the largest area ever needed by a board game. Indeed, it was part of MB Games' "Floor Wars" series, and needed most of my living room to set it up and play properly.

The idea was that two players (at opposite sides of the board) were naval commanders in charge of their own, well, navy. They had a selection of model boats in front of them, each fitted with an ingenious rubber-band device connected to their turrets. You also each had a submarine-shaped "torpedo launcher" that fired red plastic discs at the enemy ships. The shiny board surface means the discs slid along quite easily. If you scored a direct hit on one of the enemy, the rubber-band would spring into action and pop part of the boat off like a mini explosion.

The one key problem with this game was that it needed to be played on the floor, and therefore the slippery surface turned your normal living room floor into a death trap. My unfortunate younger brother slipped on the board on Christmas Day in about 1987 (about 6 hours after I opened the present) and broke his leg!

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Do You Remember Torpedo Run?

Do You Remember Torpedo Run?