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Who could forget Toby, the little creature who advertised Topic caramel nutty bars in the late '70s / early '80s?

Toby was a little brown creature, not QUITE human, with a pear-shaped body, a round button nose and a topknot of black hair.

In the early adverts he had to guess the advertising slogan 'A Hazelnut in Every Bite' which was hidden behind an unwrapped bar- he had to munch away at the bar until the words were revealed, but never got it right until the end! In later adverts he was a music-hall variety-act in boater, bow tie and cane, singing to a packed house about the merits of the sweetmeat.

'Topic' was actually quite nice, being hazelnuts embedded in nougat and caramel and coated in milk chocolate. It was also small, meaning that you could have one without overdoing it on the carbohydrate front.

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Do You Remember Topic Chocolate Bar Advert?

Do You Remember Topic Chocolate Bar Advert?

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    And still is quite nice, they never went away!