Tippy Toes

When I was little, around 1970 or maybe a little later I had a doll called Tippy Toes. Tippy Toes walked and rode or pushed a horse or stroller. I don't remember exactly what she came with. I remember she had blonde hair but I didn't have her very long before the babysitter accidentally broke her.

Tippy Toes was manufactured by Mattel and came with a striped yellow and pink pinafore dress with short hair. Tippy Toes required two "D" batteries to get her moving. Her horse was like a bright yellow plastic carousel horse with pink hair and bright green wheels whilst her trike was bright sky blue with yellow wheels and rotable foot holds.

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Do You Remember Tippy Toes?

Do You Remember Tippy Toes?

  • Bettyboop1959
    Can remember this doll. Because at time not a lot of dolls could do as much as her