Tiny Blessings

Tiny Blessings dolls were only about 2 1/2in tall made by Ban Dai in 1987. There were six little babies named Lee Ann, Sarah, Kris, Christopher, Michael and Katherine.

The box read: "Say hello to a little Tiny Blessing. Just the right size for loving and caressing. With hair so soft and eyes so bright and a cuddly little blanket for tucking in at night. There are Tiny Blessing girls and Tiny Blessing boys and they all love stories, lullabies and toys. So cuddle up close to your brand new friend 'cause Tiny Blessings want to share a love that never ends..."

They also made a two story Tiny Blessings house with furniture for them. They were very cute and made great barbie babies. I love them all!

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Do You Remember Tiny Blessings?

Do You Remember Tiny Blessings?