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Known in my mind as:

"Herges' adventures of Tintin"

I never knew who Herges was, but he sounded important as the title sequence was quite victorious in tone.

Tintin however was a series of comic strips that Herge wrote (known as Georges Rémi to his friends (1907–1983)) in his native Belgium. They were originally in French, though the series is perhaps the most popular European comic of the 20th century, and has been translated into 45 languages for more than 250 million people.

It is set in the 20th century, with the hero of the series being Tintin, a young Belgian reporter, and his faithful white fox terrier dog Snowy. They would solve crimes and mysteries together. Sort of like a young dashing sherlock holmes but with Watson being played by a canine.

There is also the grumpy Captain Haddock and the almost deaf Professor Calculus. Hergé himself is also a characterin some of the comics as a background character.

All the stories have an element of slapstick humour, with a bit of satire, and political and cultural commentary.

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Do You Remember Tintin?

Do You Remember Tintin?