Tigress by Faberge

Sultry, exotic, musky, oriental... in 1972 I loved this, I felt so grown up and sophisticated squirting a little Tigress on my neck. As the name suggests, this was by no means your usual floral scent, but a dark amber turning to a cinnamon, moss-infused fragrance perfect for those with a bit of 'grrrr' in them. This was further added to by the fur top to the bottle. Genius!

Singer Lola Falana was the black seductress chosen to advertise the Faberge perfume, and I remember the ad asked us all: "Are you wild enough to wear it?" Apparently, for those who are still wild enough, Tigress is still in production.

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Do You Remember Tigress by Faberge?

Do You Remember Tigress by Faberge?