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Through The Dragon's Eye

The story involves three children, named Jenny, Amanda and Scott, who paint a mural on a school wall. The dragon in the mural winks at the children and they are transported to a land called Pelamar, where the dragon, named Gorwen, asks the children to undertake a task to save the magical land. Some have said the programme bears a passing resemblance to The Chronicles of Narnia.

In order to save Pelamar, the children, with Gorwen's help, must recover the pieces of the Veetacore (the life source of Pelamar), which recently exploded; three of the pieces have been thrown into the distant land of Widge.

Through The Dragon's Eye was mainly used at school to teach us how to read and write, from 1989, as part of the Look And Read series, but it is still shown sometimes on the Childrens BBC channels.

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Do You Remember Through The Dragon's Eye?

Do You Remember Through The Dragon's Eye?

  • missp2k2002
    i remeber this, wasnt there 3 peopl called doris boris and morris or similar?
  • Anonymous user
    This reminds me of my schooldays. We had to watch it very carefully because the teacher would ask us questions afterwards.