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The Wilde Alliance

John Stride and a young Julia Foster starred in this detective mystery series from '78. Crime writer and Justin Hayward lookalike Rupert Wilde has an idyllic life with his artist wife Lucy. Wealthy, good looking and very happy, they live in a luxurious Georgian flat in York and drive a Triumph TR7. But Rupert's crime-fiction writing often gets them both embroiled in REAL mysteries, which as a rule only they and their friends can help solve.

A sort of English reposte to 'Hart To Hart', thirteen episodes of an hour each were broadcast in early '78. It was often schmaltzy, and the Wildes were an irritatingly perfect pair, although their compassionate and almost parental approach to the victims of the crimes they uncovered more than redeemed this element.

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Do You Remember The Wilde Alliance?

Do You Remember The Wilde Alliance?

  • Anonymous user
    Oh yes, I remember this. I had forgotten all about this series!!!! I wonder what John Stride is doing these days - he DID look like Justin Hayward didn't he?