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The Timelords

The Timelords were the KLF. Or vice-versa.

Taking the theme-tune to Dr Who, mixing it with some Gary Glitter and adding Dalek vocals, they created an instant classic:

"Doctor Who-ooo (hey!) Doctor Who. Doctor Who-oo (hey!) The Daleks. Doctor Who-oo (hey!) Doctor Who. Doctor Who-a. Doctor Who, Doctor Who-a. Doctor Who.

You What? (You What!) You What? (You What! You What! You What! Ha-ha-ha!)"

I bought the single (and still own it) and remember seeing them on Top of The Pops with some really rough-looking Daleks. Timeless.

I guess, though, that calling yourselves The Timelords and using the Dr Who theme as your song doesn't make for a comeback single...

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Do You Remember The Timelords?

Do You Remember The Timelords?