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Not to be confused by the New Seekers, The Seekers were around in the 60's and 70's and fronted by the fantastic Judith Durham, and all of the band were Australians I think.

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Do You Remember The Seekers?

Do You Remember The Seekers?

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    True, but they never actually made it into the '70s with their original line-up. They split up in 1968- their last album, 'Roving With The Seekers' was a compilation that came out the following year, after they'd gone their seperate ways. An Australian folk band, Judith Durham fronted them with her crystal-clear vocals (she has the purest voice of any female singer I've ever heard). Athol Guy was on bass, with Bruce Woodley and former radio producer Keith Potger on guitars and banjos. They released their first album in '64, and were very firmly a part of the 'protest folk' movement of the '60 along with Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Simon & Garfunkle, and many more. They're probably best remembered for the beautiful, haunting 'The Carnival Is Over', which reached no.1 in Britain in '66- with tragic irony, at around the same time as the Aberfan disaster in South Wales. They also recorded the title song for the cult film 'Georgy Girl'. They only released about four original studio albums, the most sought-after of which nowadays is the final one 'Seen In Green', which came out in '67 and features 'Angeline Is Always Friday' among the tracks. All of their other albums were compilations- although some did feature songs that had only ever been released as 7" singles beforehand. The three guys reformed The Seekers in '75, but without Judy Durham on vocals- she was replaced by Louisa Wisseling, who just didn't have her predecessors vocal quality. She in turn was replaced by Julie Anthony, and then Carol Knowles, in the '80s. Durham finally rejoined the band in '92, and the original Seekers were finally all together again. Since then, they have been touring and doing concerts on and off both in Australia and elsehere in the world. They sang at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and have received virtually every Ozzie music award and civil honour you can think of. Judith's voice remains as clear and beautiful as ever, and even as I am typing this in 2011 are on a major international tour. Long may they continue!