The Secret of My Success (1987)

One of the regular roles Michael J Fox played best was that of the wannabe cool kid who's not quite as slick as he'd like to think he is, and who ultimately comes to the conclusion that it's better just to be yourself and stop pretending.

The Secret of My Success (1987) is classic MJF in that respect. If you've seen any Michael J Fox film from that era, you've seen this one. All the pre-requisites are there: walking along chatting up pretty girl, straight into lampost; frantic dashes across town to make it to destination before boss, trying to appear calm and collected when he arrives; scamming his way to success only to be shown the benefit of good honest decency by the girl his new-found popularity previously alienated.

Part of the appeal of his films is this familiarity. "High-powered executive" for example could just as easily be substituted for "Basketball-playing Werewolf", but MJF's charm just made things so darned watchable.

Not only that, but this film is an 80's connoisseur's paradise, from the Yello soundtrack ("Oh Yeah" being one of my abiding memories of the film) to the power-dressing to the decadent mink and limo lifestyle of his wealthy aunt. A great film worth digging out...

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Do You Remember The Secret of My Success?

Do You Remember The Secret of My Success?