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The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files was an American drama series which was first produced in1974 and right up until 1980. though it's still played and repeated from time to time.

It was meant to be a modern detective drama, and was popular at the time featuring such actors as Stephanie powers (from the man from UNCLE) and James Garner in the title role (the original maverick)

A remake of the series is in production as of 2010, with Dermot Mulroney playing the titular character.

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Do You Remember The Rockford Files?

Do You Remember The Rockford Files?

  • Anonymous user
    Yes, I remember it well- Stephanie Powers in her pre-'Hart To Hart' days. Wasn't Jim Rockford meant to be an ex-con turned good, who was using his old inside knowledge of the criminal underworld to help fight crime? Actually, I was too little to follow the show when it was on- all I remember s the opening which had his answerphone message playing to an empty living room, then cut to him speeding along the American freeway to a pretty snappy electric theme tune.