The Rock (1996)

General Francis Hummel (Ed Harris) - a highly decorated, but embittered soldier seeking justice for fallen comrades.

John Mason (Sean Connery) - a man with no identity, no home, no freedom. The only man ever to break out of Alcatraz now being told to break back in.

Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) - a Beatles loving, anxious FBI biochemist with no experience of combat.

Put these three together and you get one of the greatest films of the 90's. When Hummel takes over Alcatraz and threatens San Francisco with a chemical weapon attack, Goodspeed, Mason and a handful of SEALS are sent in to neutralize the threat before time runs out. When the SEALS are killed, it comes down to Goodspeed and Mason to save the day. But can they? The Rock is an amazing film made by Michael Bay in 1996 with lots of guns, witty one-liners and a subtle moral message. An absolute must see.

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Do You Remember The Rock?

Do You Remember The Rock?

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    The yellow Ferrari... ohhh