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The New Statesman

Television series that ran from 1987-1992. Comedian Rik Mayall plays Conservative MP Alan Beresford B'Stard who has no morals. B'Stard will stop at nothing to gain more power for his party, earning massive amount of cash by committing fraud, drug dealing, dabbling in adult films, even murder is an option to gain more power.

His wife Sarah B'Stard has very loose morals (both of them have affairs mostly every day) and has hated her husband from five minutes after they got married. She is a bisexual nymphomaniac and tries to use Alan to get anything she wants and wished Alan dead so that she could become a rich widow.

Alan's sidekick Piers Fletcher-Dervish, played by Michael Troughton is portrayed as brainless and an old school twit. He was kind hearted but constantly fell into the trap of being conned into Alan's schemes and was completely under Alan's thumb.

Classic comedy with suggestions of corruption within' the actual British Government.

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Do You Remember The New Statesman?

Do You Remember The New Statesman?