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The Mobiles

The Mobiles were a New Romantic band from the early 80s. They had a hit with the very atmospheric single (complete with fairground section), Drowning In Berlin, when it reached number 9 in the charts in 1982.

The band's lead singer was Anna Maria, and she looked very much like Siouxsie! All the male band members were into bleaching their hair at this time and donning typical New Romantic clothes. Alongside Maria, The Mobiles consisted of: David Blundell on bass and songwriting, Chris Downton on guitar, Russ Madge on guitar, John Smithson on keyboard, Eddie Smithson on drums, Tony Norman songwriting and Paul Lynton also songwriting.

The band release another single Amour Amour after Drowning In Berlin, but this wasn't any where near as popular, at number 45 in the charts. As their popularity waned, the patience of their record company did, too, and in a fit of desperation the band were forced to record a version of Build Me Up Buttercup. But even this didn't help them!

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Do You Remember The Mobiles?

Do You Remember The Mobiles?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember The Mobiles So well! I adored their hit singles and they changed my outlook of music Very much indeed. Their synthesizer music made me feel as happy as anything. When Drowning In Berlin came out I was completely hooked and hypnotized by the beauty of the song, it was/is like a puppets playground music, Oh God I still completely adore the song. Armour Amour was incredible too. I used to play both songs over and over, and over again, listening to every single little sound of the songs. They are deeply set in my heart and will remain their FOREVERMORE. It's so strange but these two songs (still do) almost make me cry with such Beauty from the sounds, they are just GORGEOUS.❤