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The Life and Loves of a She Devil

Fay Weldon's novel is masterfully envisioned in the BBC series shown in the mid 80s. The success is in the main due to amazing acting by Julie T. Wallace as Ruth cum 'She Devil'. Patricia Hodge plays Mary Fisher, the 'Novel writing Mistress'.

Julie T. Wallace plays an unattrative housewife who seeks revenge on both her husband (played by Denis Waterman) and the new object of his affection, the successful romance novelist Mary Fisher.

The drama plays upon the transformation of the two female characters as Ruth molds herself into a she devil, a tool with which to reek her fury upon the world, and as a result Mary's world crumbles about her, the fairy castle becoming tarnished and unlovely.

At times harrowing, Fay Weldon's work portrays the desperate plight of the unwanted and the undesirable, and the satisfaction of destruction, in this sometimes truly drakly comic television adaptation of a novel.

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Do You Remember The Life and Loves of a She Devil?

Do You Remember The Life and Loves of a She Devil?