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The Late Late Breakfast Show

Noel Edmonds used to host the Late Late Breakfast show which was a Saturday evening family entertainment show with a variety of features.

One of those features was where a contestant was picked from the audience to take part in a daring stunt. The contestant would spin a wheel to select the stunt (the wheel, it turns out was rigged to always land where the producers wanted it) and then the contestant was given some basic stunt training before performing the stunt the next week.

I remember somebody had to ride the wall of death on a motorcycle and another person jumped a car through a firey hoop - that sort of thing.

Tragically though, in 1986 a contestant was killed when a bungee jump stunt went wrong and the following investigation showed that the stunt supervisor was not properly qualified.

The Late Late Breakfast show disappeared from our screens until Noel Edmonds reinvented the show with a similar format (but without stunts) as Noel's House Party in 1991.

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Do You Remember The Late Late Breakfast Show?

Do You Remember The Late Late Breakfast Show?