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The Hitman and Her

What a window into the decade of the 1980's this how is!

It was set in random nightclubs around the North of England.

It was presented by Michaela Strachan, and Pete Waterman (Hitman and her - get it?). And it is mostly women and men dancing in amazing 1980's clothes, leotards feature prominently, as well as some of the most basic presenting skills seen this side of Richard and Judy!

Clubbers would arrive at the featured club - and much like in The Word hope to have their five minutes of fame on television. Crowd members would be plucked out to participate in games such as "Pass The Mic!", "Showing Out", and "Clothes Swap"!

A1 nostaglia. There is some amazing footage of this on "you tube" if you look it up.

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22 February 2017

Do You Remember The Hitman and Her?

Do You Remember The Hitman and Her?

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    Yeah, it started in 1989 and went on I think until the first part of '91. It got pretty boring after a while, watching hoards of tipsy revellers dancing around for hours to acid house tracks. Much of it was a publicity vehicle for Pete Waterman to promote records from the S.A.W. production company- I remember 'SS Paperazzi' getting more than it's fair share of play. Michaela had a hard time getting any sense out of some of the clubbers she interviewed, usually they were too drunk to make much sense. It amazed me that there weren't more fights and trouble in the various clubs they went to, security must have been very tight.