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The Growing Pains of PC Penrose / Rosie

This was the first series – 7 episodes in all. However, the series came back under a different name! The series became called “Rosie” – which it is more commonly known as – and it ran between 1977 and 1981. It’s a bit confusing really. What do you call it “The Growing pains of PC Penrose” or “Rosie”?

Well for the purposes of this memory, lets call it by it’s original title! That’s how I remember it anyway.

This first series was broadcast in 1975, and was written by Roy Clarke and filmed/ set in Scarborough. The central character was PC Penrose,- who was also known as "Rosie". PC Penrose was a new and young police officer, just learning about the police force and what being a policeman was all about. Rosie was played by Paul Greenwood.

PC Penrose is very up at heel – or well-to-do – and left his home town to join the force in the (fictional) Yorkshire town of Slagcaster.

As always with these kinds of series there is a seasoned officer – in this case Sergeant Flagg - who takes him under his wing. It always reminded me slightly of Police Academy or Lethal Weapon in that respect as the older policeman was a little unconventional.

The programme was pretty funny in places, I remember it used quite a lot of farce – as well as a bit of physical comedy – in fact Roy Clarke (the writer…) other works include Keeping Up Appearances and Last of the Summer Wine (The world's longest running sitcom!) and the most classic cloassic sitcom of them all - Open All Hours.

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Do You Remember The Growing Pains of PC Penrose / Rosie?

Do You Remember The Growing Pains of PC Penrose / Rosie?

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    I am from Rossington where many shots were made.Myy mother lived in King George Rd an lots off filming was d one outside her house