The Green Goddess

Newsflash: we are lazy! We drive everywhere and our idea of exercise involves standing on a PowerPlate and letting that do all the work for us. But we weren't always this lazy. In the 80s we were totally into aerobics. We LOVED it!

So, why were we so into donning sweatbands and getting a sweat on? Jane Fonda has a lot to answer for. Almost every household owned a Jane Fonda workout video in the mid-80s. And in the UK we were treated to a daily dose of The Green Goddess (real name Diana Moran, now in her 70s) guiding us in a workout on BBC1's Breakfast Time between 1983 and 1987. The Green Goddess' routine was energetic and full of motivating words that kept Mum going when all she wanted was to sit down with her morning cuppa. Mr Motivator was really the Green Goddess of the 90s and no doubt used her work as inspiration. He even took a leaf out of her fashion book, following up her all-in-one green Lycra leotard with his own multi-coloured ones. At least The Green Goddess gave Dad something to look interested in while Mum was busy bending and stretching in front of the telly.

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Do You Remember The Green Goddess?

Do You Remember The Green Goddess?