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The Fastest Gun

Whoo wheeo whoo. Duh duh duh.

That old whistely theme tune from the film “The Good,The Bad and The ugly” is still instantly recognizable 40 years later!

In the 1970’s you just wanted to be a gunslinger! Fact. Slinging guns left and right. Well, you never actually slung the guns of course, otherwise that would mean you had no gun to shoot with!

This board game – “The Fastest Gun” - was pretty good at creating that old western cliché of the gunfight and life in the old west. In the game, players buy deeds in a Western Town and defend their property with their guns.

You have to hire a gunfighter to do your dirty work for you – but for that you need money! If you don’t have the money to hire a gunslinger, you’ll get called out into the street yourself! And we think road rage is bad, wait until you're having to battle for your life at high noon!

This game had a unique mechanism for resolving gunfights that is part of the game. A rotating underlay moves beneath a player's (or hired gun's) counter. If the underlay rotates under your counter, you lose the fight (your counter falls down).

It was dirty work, but someone had to do it!

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Do You Remember The Fastest Gun?

Do You Remember The Fastest Gun?