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The Famous Five

The Famous Five TV series was an adaption of the book series by Enid Blyton and featured Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog. The Famous Five would solve all sorts of exciting mysteries (usually involving foreigners and smuggling) whilst swigging ginger ale and eating lashings of ice cream.

I remember the title sequence to the TV program used to show each of the Famous Five's faces as kind of drawings in white on a blue background accompanied by a very catchy melody wihich I can still hum but have forgotten the words.

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Do You Remember The Famous Five?

Do You Remember The Famous Five?

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    The series ran from '78 to '79, and was designed to make the 'Five' appealing to the then current generation of kids. Gary Russell played Dick, Michelle Gallagher was George, Marcus Harris played Julian and Jennifer Thanisch took the part of Anne. Timmy was played by Toddy Woodgate. I enjoyed the series immensely, and had the most MASSIVE crush on Ms. Thanisch- I thought she was GORGEOUS! None of the young actors (who were all older than the parts they were playing) continued acting into adult life. Sadly, Michelle Gallagher was killed in a motorbike accident in 2000 after a somewhat troubled life of substance abuse and mental health problems, although she has a son who survives her. Marcus Harris now runs a chain of sports shops and is also Mayor of some smll town in the South of England- Gary Russell (who is not a particularly pleasant individual) screenwrites for the BBC, including some episodes of 'Dr.Who')- and Jenny Thanisch is now a married mum who works as an R.E. teacher near her home town of Lewes. I know not the fate of Toddy, I assume he probably passed away some time in the '90s.