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The Equalizer

Edward Woodward played the main character, McCall, an ex CIA man. When he retired due to him having had enough of the Special Services, he thought he would do good to right what he had wronged.

He advertised in a newspaper his services for those in trouble and would normally be fighting off drug dealers, racketeers, crooked cops and suchlike. The Equalizer had help from his friends like Mickey Kostmeier, played by Keith Szarabajka.

The most memorable part of the Equalizer series (which ran for 5 years and at total of over 80 episodes) was the musical title sequence. The music was written and played by Stuart Copeland (ex Police drummer). The title sequence is dark and very characteristic of 1980s New York.

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Do You Remember The Equalizer?

Do You Remember The Equalizer?

  • Anonymous user
    Great show about an aging ex-CIA agent attempting to atone for his morally bankrupt past by helping the less fortunate. Smart writing, wonderful acting on the part of Edward Woodward, brilliant music and rather a lot of violence come to think of it. Apparently there's a movie due out shortly, so expect any fond memories of this show to be promptly obliterated by atrocious acting, gratuitous car chases and a selection of small thermo-nuclear explosions.