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The Enid

this was a progressive rock band founded in the mid 70s by composer Robert John Godfrey (formerly uncredited arranger with Barclay James Harvest).

Early albums 'In The Region Of The Summer Stars','Aerie Faerie Nonsense','Touch Me' and 'Six Pieces' were entirely instrumental, heavily influenced by classical music, glorious, romantic, symphonic themes with a rock edge provided by the wonderful, soaring guitar sounds of Stephen Stewart and Francis Lickerish. Split and re-formed several times during the 80s and 90s and kept alive today by the musical force of Mr Godfrey.

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Do You Remember The Enid?

Do You Remember The Enid?

  • Anonymous user
    Hated them- I found them really creepy and weird. I bought two of their albums second-hand when I was 17, 'Lovers and Fools' and 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'. The latter was about nuclear war; after listening to them once I got rid of them very promptly and have never wanted to hear them again. Much of their stuff isn't musical at all, just strange sinister noise or abstract synthesiser sound-effects. There was a load of blurb on the back of 'Something Wicked' in which they rant on about not being able to get a recording contract with a decent record label, abusing everybody and exhalting themselves as the only true voice of reason. Load of arrogant, opinionated, self-regarding prima donnas whose creative ability was at best suspect. Good riddance to them.