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The Cattanooga Cats

The Cattanooga Cats was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the early '70s from the same team that gave us Dick Dastardly & Muttley and Motor Mouse & Auto Cat, though this one was only shown a few times in the UK and wasn't anything like as popular.

The Cattanooga Cats were a beatnik band of four musical felines who toured the USA in their vintage bus 'Gasshopper'. They included lead singer Kitty Jo, the only girl in the band who had a massive bouffon hairdo and wore knee-length white boots, band leader Country who was also Kitty Jo's boyfriend, obese double bass player Scoots who wore a Hillbilly hat and had a magic crayon (rather like 'Penny Crayon' and 'Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings') that enabled him to draw up anything out of thin air, and spaced-out drummer Groove, who usually spoke in rhyme. Kitty Jo had a massive blue dog called Teeny Tim, who used to accompany them on their travels. They were also pursued by a female groupie cat named Jessie the Autograph Hound.

Groove was voiced by Casey Kasem, who in the '80s went on to host 'America's Top 10'. Michael Lloyd and Peggy Clinger provided the song vocals, with music written by Mike Curb. The show was launched in September '69 and ran until '71, although it was repeated subsequently. An album of tracks from the series was also released, though was probably only available in the US.

Few people may remember this one, and I myself only saw a couple of episodes of it. It remains a cult cartoon in the States though.

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Do You Remember The Cattanooga Cats?