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The Cats Mansion

This brilliantly designed 1984 board game is so well put together that you almost want to frame it, let alone play it!

The concept of “The Cat’s Mansion” is both simple and complex, but very twee.

You see there is a mansion that exists in which 4 cats live. Now these cats live in great luxury and as such covet objects. And the cats do not like each other! The aim of the game is to move across the board to get your own cat’s favoured object. Obviosuly the first cat to get it’s object wins.

The fun thing about playing this game – other than the mystery and wonder of playing a rich cat (Top Cat of sorts) - is that you get to mess around with other players cats and objects during the game – in your go you can either move yourself or someone else’s cat or object. So it's really important to keep it as secret as possible as to which object your cat has a desire for!

The board looks a lot like the classic cluedo board, as there are rooms in the mansion and likewise there are objects (though no lead piping….)

The game comes with 5 figurines of cats, 4 silver color objects (pillow, gift box, mouse, food), 4 cats cards, 4 objects cards, and 40 Meow and Purrrr cards.

Each player gets a cat and an object card, these are kept throughout the game and do not change. These represent the player's cat and the object that cat dreams about (that's right - dreams about).

There’s a few fun quirks to the game – not only the idea of being an old rich lady living in a mansion with 4 uppety cats! For example, if you move a cat next to another cat you have the option to "Hiss" and move the other cat one space away. This "hiss" does not count towards your move.

As a family we loved playing it, but it was always infuriating playing with my brother because he would just keep moving my cat back spaces so I could never win! He didn’t even care if he won or not, he only wanted to stop me winning!

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Do You Remember The Cats Mansion?

Do You Remember The Cats Mansion?