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The Body In Question

This was a documentary series screened in 1979 and presented by actor and medic Jonathan Miller, focusing upon all the different aspects of human anatomy, physiology and disease, as well as a bit about medical history and how illness has been approached differently down the Centuries.

This was a landmark programme that struck just the right balance between being accessible to the viewing masses whilst at the same time being most interesting and educational. The egocentric Miller made sure that he featured prominently in close-up during many episodes, but that didn't detract from the quality of the series.

Despite being only 10 when the programme was aired, I was utterly fascinated by the final episode, when a post-mortum was carried out on a human cadaver. Far from being revolted I was entranced to be able to see the major organs and hear about what they did, and was somewhat disappointed when the liver was dissected to see that it looked so boring inside, just like a sponge. Goodness only knows quite what I expected to see, a miniature oil refinery perhaps?!

But on a more serious note, the microscopic footage of cells and the endoscopy film of tissues and organs in action, made it plain what a hive of activity our own bodies are. Processes that take place every minute of every day within our various systems are far more dramatic and awesome than anything that happens in the world around us - I was humbled to watch a TB bacteria being attacked by the immune system, those little antibodies were so brave!

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Do You Remember The Body In Question?

Do You Remember The Body In Question?