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The Aunty Jack Show

At the time when the UK were getting into Monty Python and the The Goodies, Aunty Jack roared on to Australian screens on her big, black bike. A unique programme, not just in Oz, but globally. How many shows have a hostess who looks lika sack of spuds with a fetching 'tache and a golden glove who threatens to rip yer bl**dy arms off? Not enough, I reckon. In a nutshell, it's a sketch show with an umbrella theme, but I don't like nuts they bring me out in a rash.

Hilariously funny but amongst the zany (an old cliched word but it'll suffice for now) sketches was the music. The poinagncy of the wonderful creations Errol and Neil are amongst so many moments of musical genius, courtesy of Grahame Bond amnd Rory O'Donoghue.

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Do You Remember The Aunty Jack Show?

Do You Remember The Aunty Jack Show?