Tetley Bitter

The one I'm thinking of was on in the early 70s. It featured a man at the bar drinking a pint of Tetley bitter. He spots a good-looking lady heading towards him - bit of eye contact - but, as she gets near him, he just picks up his pint and carries on drinking. Tetley Bitter Men - if you can't beat 'em.

The last advertisement was done using the slogan Smoothly Does It, featuring a man in his twenties, usually coming up with an unusual yet successful solution to a common problem. Perhaps the most repeated advert featured the man in question on a crowded beach seeing a bar at the other end advertising Tetley's. The man then threw a stick towards the bar, attracting a wet dog to run across the beach to the bar, parting the crowd to allow him through.

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Do You Remember Tetley Bitter?

Do You Remember Tetley Bitter?

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    beer advert wher two groups of men arrive at the bar at the same time, one lot have been working in the article and the others down south. The article workers move aside and say after you lads you need it most