Test Match

My brother had this cricket game called "Test Match" which featured a felt cricket pitch held in place by plastic pieces of 'boundary'. Bowling was done by rolling the little metal ball down a plastic chute attached to the bowler's hand; and to hit the ball you pulled a string attached to the batsman's bat which pulled the bat back and then let go when the ball approaches. You were caught out if you hit the ball between a fielder's legs (ouch!). Funny thing I remember is that the bat actually looked more like an upright vacuum cleaner.

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Do You Remember Test Match?

Do You Remember Test Match?

  • PhatDad
    Recently discovered in the attic after a house clearance, complete with a "signed photograph" of the 1970s England cricket team. Photo on request but I'm afraid it's heading for the bin as the pitch has degraded beyond repair. Such a shame - hours of fun.