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Ah, the beautiful Noel Edmunds. There was a time that Noel was the official King of TV ™. Of course this time is no more (Breathes a sigh of relief).

In the 1980’s and early 1990’s he was everywhere (well, a lot of places) and one of those places was presenting “Telly Addicts”.

We had the board game of this TV show, and I preferred the board game to the TV show – perhaps because of Noel, or perhaps not, you decide!

You could answer questions on any one of a number of topics such as: Soaps & Sagas, Top of the Pops, Guess Who, Comedy, Children's TV, Comedy, News or Sci-Fi.

Basically, if you answered a question correctly you got a “Star Token” and you had to them get them back to “Remote Control" to take the “Star Challenge.

The BBC TV show was broadcast between 1985 and 1998, so it was a big big hit, it had 13 series, and 196 episodes in all! We had the board game around 1988, and it lasted a few years before someone lost all the cards (or, well, to be fair, all the card were out of date by then anyway!)

I really liked playing it because I loved TV at the time, and knew a lot more than any of my immediate family – hey I was a kid, I had more time than anyone else I knew! – so I used to whip anyone who I played, old or young. I could lick all comers. Well I thought so, but when my Aunt Jackie Came round she wiped the floor with me – I was never any good that the guess who round (though I was miles better than her at the Kids TV round!)

Great fun. I wish they’d not axed it, even though I feel happier will less Noel in my life. In fact I might just go and see if I can find a second hand board game – or even a new one as they still sell it I think….

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Do You Remember Telly Addicts?

Do You Remember Telly Addicts?