Tell Sid

When British Gas floated in 1986, its Tell Sid advertising campaign gave it one of the highest profiles of any privatisation in the 80s. Since then, npower ads have stolen Sid as a brand icon. It features Sid, a British Gas customer who is stuck in the 1980s, but who should move on and switch to npower as he will be "better off". Sid was played by actor Adam Price, who's since acted on Crimewatch and opposite Catherine Tate in an 'Am I bovvered' sketch.

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Do You Remember Tell Sid?

Do You Remember Tell Sid?

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    Yes I remember Sid!. But then again, I have an uncle Sid too, in his 90's now. My favourite was the posh lady, who on hearing the punchline said "Sid? Oh yes - Sidney." Her gardener, no doubt. Uncle Sid got the last laugh. Suddenly, his became the nation's coolest name.