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Taxi was a TV series set in a New York City taxi company, and ran from 1978 - 1983. It was an ensemble cast show, but the main character seemed to be Alex, played by Judd Hirsch. Many of the cast later became famous in other shows or movies including Danny De Vito (Louie), Christopher Lloyd (Reverend Jim) and Tony Danza (Tony).

Some of the behind-the-scenes events got a lot of attention, especially Andy Kaufman's strange antics. Apparently he hated his character, and desperately wanted off the show, but was bound by contract. It says something for his acting ability that despite that, his character, Latka, was one of the most popular. Sadly, Kaufman died of lung cancer aged only 35.

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Do You Remember Taxi?

Do You Remember Taxi?

  • Anonymous user
    I don't think Kaufman hated his character so much as he disliked sitcoms and having to follow a script.