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Tangy Toms

These were little 5p tomato flavoured crisps. They were round - like little balls - and were a hit in schools across the UK in the 1980s - most probably because of their cost!

Not only were they great to eat, they were also great to throw at people, or play table football with. Result!

Tangy Toms were considerably more tasty, eye catching and generally more filing than the bland, tasteless crisps that had existed before them.

There were also some other similar brands like Johnnies Onion rings to bikers and transform a snack or meanies, that were all cheap and tasted very strong.

Toms were very popular though at the time - they followed me from the tuck shop to the cub scouts to the youth club I went to. Everywhere sold them, I swear one day they were all I ate!

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Do You Remember Tangy Toms?

Do You Remember Tangy Toms?

  • Anonymous user
    I don’t remember them, but now in my 50’s, just bought a packet from my local Co-op. They are now 35p or 60p for two packets. The packet illustration of two tomatoes with big eyes will make you smile