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Led by front man David Byrne, Talking Heads broke away from the mainstream pop/punk scene in the late 1970's with a superb song called "Psycho Killer". Intelligent new wave had arrived and was an absolute breath of fresh air.

The Talking Heads have always had a big underground following and I was indeed a huge fan. They had a beautiful minimalist sound with quirky vocals, funky bass-lines and spaced out keyboards. In later years, their collaborations with people like Brain Eno produced some truly groundbreaking stuff, often poking fun at modern America and it's obsessions. One of my all time favourite albums (ever) is "Remain in Light" which features the fantastic single, "Once in a Lifetime".

I would have great difficulty recommending any one Talking Heads' albums, I'd probably say go for "Remain in Light" and if you find that too inaccessible, try "Little Creatures" - in fact what-the-hell, go get them all and tell 'em I sent ya!

Also worth looking out for is David Byrne's solo stuff; "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" being superb, but not for the feint hearted. Some of his Latin tinged stuff is also well worth a listen as is Tina Weymouth?s (bass guitar) "Tom Tom Club".

Did you know that David Byrne produced the Fun Boy Three's first album?

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Do You Remember Talking Heads?