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In 1957, Harry H Corbett introduced Sweep the squeeky dog to the Sooty Show as Sooty's bestest friend. Sweep played the xylophone and sprinkled magic Oofle Dust everywhichway.

Sooty & Sweep made a double-act to rival the very best of British Variety acts. (Oh no, they didn't! - Oh yes, they did!). Sweep was as mad with his incessant squeaking and erratic behaviour and his love of sizzling sausages...all the children loved him.

In 1976, the reins of the show were handed over from Harry H Corbett to Matthew Corbett (Jnr.) who brought some welcome vitality to the act. Throughout the 80's and into the 90's the Sooty concept was being constantly developed, embracing new audiences and changing tastes.

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Do You Remember Sweep?

Do You Remember Sweep?

  • Anonymous user
    I never used to like the fact that he squeaked- dogs don't squeak for God's sake, they bark!! Easily my favourite Sooty character though, he was so loveable!!