Suzy Scribbles

Susie Scribbles was created by the Wonderama Toy Company of New Jersey. A specially recorded two-track cassette tape was used to produce both audio signals and special motor control signals that would drive three servomotors. These motor signals drove a robotic arm with three joints - a shoulder, elbow, and wrist.

Susie could write and draw pictures while she was talking. In total there were 36 tapes produced. Each character sold for about $70 and included a desk, paper and introductory tape. The subject content of the cassette tapes was more scholastic than any previous toys. Ideally, a child would have his own pencil and paper, drawing along while Susie demonstrated her "scribbling."

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Do You Remember Suzy Scribbles?

Do You Remember Suzy Scribbles?

  • Anonymous user
    i love this doll! I love it!~ =] I remember when I got her, she was the coolest doll ever! She even wrote her own name! =]