Super Snooper

The Super Snooper was basically a high-tech eavesdropping device based on the technology used by various intelligence agencies. The only difference between a Super Snooper and the kit used by proper spies was that the Super Snooper didn't actually enhance the sound of conversations, it just made them sound kinda echoey and weird.

The Super Snooper looked a bit like a gun with an umbrella on the end. You would point the 'gun' in the direction of the conversation you wanted to overhear and the umbrella was supposed to deflect the sound back to a microphone in the tip of the 'gun'.

Would have been great if it actually did anyhting. Anyway I can't complain 'cos I got it for free after trading in a duplicate Paul Daniel's Magic Set.

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Do You Remember Super Snooper?

Do You Remember Super Snooper?