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Super Crunchies

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KP Super Crunchies were 10p packs of square crisp style Snacks that came in cheese, prawn cocktail and bacon flavours. They were often bought just because they were so cheap they were found in corner shops and tuck shops the length and breadth of Britain. The cheese-flavoured ones were good and often strong flavoured.

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Do You Remember Super Crunchies?

Do You Remember Super Crunchies?

  • Mr Pudding
    Ah- there were SIX flavours!
  • UncleDrunkard
    I remember them being like stale Quavers
  • Baseman
    Wow I remember these very well. I used to come home from school go to newsagents to do my paper round and eat a packet on the way. Can you remember the theme tune for the ad? Grab a 10 pence piece Then jump on your BMX bike Take a trip down to your local shop And tell the guy you'd like Some Super Crunchies They come in 3 delicious flavours Super Crunchies There the snack for me because a pack of super crunchies only cost 10p