Suntan Tuesday Taylor

Suntan Tuesday Taylor was a doll by Ideal Toy Co that was a bit like Barbie. She had a fancy bikini and you could put small flower stickers on her skin and then put her in the sun and she would go browner. There was also an African American version called Taylor Jones.

Suntan Tuesday Taylor was out in the very late 70's, early 80's, (before the age of being safe in the sun and skin cancer fears).Taylor stood at around 11 and a half inches tall and had rooted hair and realistic eyelashes. You could twist the top of Suntan Tuesday Taylor's hair cap and it would change from a streaked blonde appearance to dark brown.

Eric was the 12-inch tall boyfriend of Taylor's and was available in the late seventies, and she also had a little sister called Dodi. Before Suntan Tuesday there was also a Tiffany Taylor doll, although this didn't change colour in the sun.

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Do You Remember Suntan Tuesday Taylor?

Do You Remember Suntan Tuesday Taylor?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember it. I've still got mine! I've got the house as well with the box. Bit too old to play with it now tho lol.