Stuff Yer Face

This was my version of Hungry Hungry Hippos! Only I preferred this, because I liked stuffing my face! (I still do).

Stuff Yer Face, the basic game, was you had a board – a lot like the hungry hippos one – and two clowns either side of the board. The clowns had open mouth slots. Then you had some plastic marbles, that you would release between the clowns. The objective was to use the clown's "arms' – which were actually handles with stick ends - to get the most marbles in your clown's mouth. The marbles would drop to a tray behind the face.

It was made properly difficult because you could ONLY eat the ten marbles that match the colour of that player's clown sleeves (thus the clown with green sleeves eats the green marbles and the yellow marbles are eaten by the yellow-sleeved clown). And get this - If a player eats a red marble without first eating their ten yellow/green marbles, the opposing player automatically wins!!!

It was fun and frantic – and there was a time when the game just stayed out on the main table and we had a running score in the house. A tally. There was a time when I was almost 20 games ahead of my brother but he caught up in the end, dagnammit! I just wish that you could have had 4 players instead of just 2. I used to wish they made a bigger set.

Stuff Yer Face was created in 1982 by Milton Bradley. And I can’t see why it wasn’t more popular. Although saying that I did once find a foreign version of the game in a charilt shop called “Papa Tudo! dos Trapalhões”. Exactly the same, just with different colours. So maybe it was more popular in other countries!

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Do You Remember Stuff Yer Face?

Do You Remember Stuff Yer Face?