Steve Scout

Ah, Steve Scout! The years before Star Wars figures revolutionized the world of toy figures.

I had a Steve Scout – I was a cub scout as a child, and my dad was really into scouting. My Steve Scout came with a load of great Scouting related extra’s which was the best thing about him…he came with a camping set, a tent, a plastic campfire (which I accidentally burnt!), a bed, and some pots, pans, and a cup. There was even a Steve Scout canoe (which sunk…and I lost in a lake). I loved the tiny tiny extras you got, and miraculously never actually lost the tiny tiny cup you got with Steve.

The figures were great, except all the fun things about camping were in actually doing it! So sitting around with an action figure wasn’t really where it was at – but sitting around with a Star Wars action figure was great because you couldn’t actually go on a weekend trip to the Death Star! So the Star Wars figure won every time! I remember bringing my Steve Scout on a camping cub scout trip once, but I only really used him to try and blow him up and have him drag along the bottom of the river…

The figures themselves were the official scouting figurines and were released by Kenner in 1974, there was a a second series of figures and accessories released in 1975. However they didn’t stand up to the double pronged attack of comic book superheroes and television / Film characters, and the line was soon discontinued in 1976.

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Do You Remember Steve Scout?

Do You Remember Steve Scout?