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Sporting Triangles

Remember “A Question of Sport”? well, “Sporting Triangles” was a very similar show – except it was on ITV rather than BBC!

And this was the board game of the TV show. Which was quite a novel thing back in the 1980’s being able to play the game that your sporting heroes played on TV – after all you couldn’t play Football like Gary Lineker, but you could play “Sporting Triangles” better than him! (Maybe).

The game was a lot of fun, and a little like trivial pursuit, as there were many many questions (3000 in all!) and you had to make your was really quickly around the board answering questions on a number of sporting trivia and fill your “sporting triangle” much like the trivia pursuit pie. The first to the end of the board with a full triangle wins.

It was fun to play though, like Trivial Pursuit (or Mastermind) I NEVER knew the answers to even half the questions. They were always sporting people I had never hear of. Even when I knew the answer I didn’t know the answer!

The TV show itself – “Sporting Triangles” – showed from 1987 – 1990 and had team captains Andy Gray, Jimmy Greaves, Emlyn Hughes and Tessa Sanderson. Nick Owen was the original host. Ah, those celebrities of yester year! I still remember Saint and Greavsy on a Saturday lunchtime too! I actually miss them – before Grandstand they were. Even Grandstand has gone!

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Do You Remember Sporting Triangles?

Do You Remember Sporting Triangles?